What we love most about life on the North Coast

With February marking the month of love, we thought we’d share an ode to the place that will always have our hearts… our beloved #LoveNorthCoast. With the ultimate blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and unrivalled living, here’s what we love most about life here.

The weather

Sunshine, glorious sunshine! Our subtropical climate means hot summers and very mild winters… The most ideal weather for residents to get outdoors and do what they love. As a result, there’s no such thing as seasonal hobbies here, something that’s made us exceptionally popular with those who love to surf, swim, and cycle.

The people

The only thing warmer than the weather here? Our people. It’s no secret that our North Coast community is a friendly and inclusive one. Despite the region’s growing popularity and development, our people stay true to our roots and foster connection, driving a true sense of belonging and well-being. There’s absolutely nothing else like it.

Entertainment galore

From retail offerings to culinary delights and more, the North Coast’s ever-growing list of entertainment really does offer something for everyone both local and international. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious meal, a trail run or even a family-friendly outing, there’s no shortage of things to do.

Mother Nature

On the nature front, the North Coast is a hub for all things wonderful. We’re known for our pristine beaches with warm water and picturesque coastlines stretching as far as the eye can see. Then, there are our nature reserves and conservation areas that allow residents and visitors 

Convenient living

When you live on the North Coast, you’re never far from what you need. From schools to hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment and more, the North Coast allows you to enjoy laidback living alongside the amenities that make daily living an absolute joy.

#LoveNorthCoast, Love Lalela

At Lalela, we’re proud to offer incredible value alongside incredible living. For more on our wonderful estate that offers the perks of North Coast living at an attractive and competitive price point, why not get in touch with us today?  

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